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your advantages




Advantages at a glance

Both the order placing and the data handling can be easily implemented via our interface.

Our serialized tamper evident security seals conform to all requirements.

One labelling unit and one 2D scanner will be sufficient for your contract manufacturer.

You need one data interface only, even when engaging several contract manufacturers.

The print of our labels have been controled and are proofed to be excellent.

You will receive your run of labels ready-for-use on rolls in accordance with your specifications.


You will thus realize savings with regard to the following:

– the software for generating the codes

– the camera equipment for checking the printing quality and the legibility

– the inline printing on the drug packages

– the verification of the printed data

– the rejects of completed goods due to print-related quality problems

– efficiency losses on the packaging line due to print-related problems

– the storage of pre-coded packaging materials.


Advantages of contract manufacturing

HED Serial offers an easy-to-handle system which is also suitable for your qualified contract manufacturers.

One labelling unit and one 2D scanner will be sufficient for the contract manufacturer.

No need for several interfaces to all of your contract manufacturers.

You maintain flexibility in the choice of your contract manufacturers, even for serialization.

Benefit from your advantages …

We assist you with the implementation of the regulation by high-quality, serialized security seals during all preparations and test runs.

In addition to a simplified implementation only one data interface, only one dataflow is required for all applications in your company or at your contract manufacturers‘ facilities.

HED Serial supplies the solution for all upcoming, decentralized serialization demands on your medicinal product packaging.



simple . . .

1. At HED Serial we produce security seals for you fitting your folding box formats.
2. You ask us for a run of serialized security seals in accordance with the data of your packaging order.
3. We deliver the labels to the place of destination specified by you.
4. We send you the dataset of the security seals delivered to you on rolls.

. . . effizient . . .

means for you:
1. You send your data to one interface only, no matter if you process the security seals yourself or if you have asked a contract manufacturer to do so.
2. You or your contract manufacturer need not worry about the quality of the print and the legibility of the labels.
3. You or your contract manufacturer only need one labelling unit and one device for reading the 2D codes.
4. You or your contract manufacturer record the data of the manufactured packaging at the end of the packaging line.
5. You compare the data of the manufactured packages with the dataset of printed security seals returned to you by us.

. . . safe

1. You need one defined, secure interface to HED Serial only and can thereby implement the serialization with all of your previous contract manufacturers.
2. You are in control of all serialization numbers that have not been processed or of those lost as rejects by comparison of our dataset with the packaging data recorded at the end of the packaging line.
3. The printing quality on our Jet-Serial security seals is verified by cameras at our facility and always exceeds the valid requirements.